On Halloween, I went Trick or Treating with my daughters Riley and Tara along with their friend Rachel. They were very happy I was taking the Outlander Sport ES. It was comfortable and quick to get out of.  After all, when it comes to getting candy, time is of the essence. Once again I want to thank Matthews Mitsubishi for asking me to try out their brand new vehicle.

Mitsubishi is back in town and Matthews asked me to try it out.  In fact, they want many people to try it out. So stop by Matthews Mitsubishi at Planet PreOwned, 2100 Vestal Parkway East and register to win your own 7 day test drive experience. Congrats to Lisa Weber from week 1 and now Tom Sbarra.

Tonight we are heading out to Warren Center, Pa to celebrate Tara's birthday...oh yeah, mine too.  I've been telling my parents about the Outlander and now they can see it and check it out themselves. So if you are out Warren Center way tonight, stop on by Masquaw's and Pops to see for yourself. We always love company.

One of the really nice things about this is that it gets over 30 MPG, so a trip to God's country won't cost a bunch.  It's a easy and quiet ride. Also as you probably know, it's deer ruttin season.  They don't watch where they are going so you have too.  I love how much it lights up the nighttime ride so I'll see the deer in plenty of time.

If you can't stop by Warren Center tonight, you can always stop by the house. I told you, we love company.  If you want to see all the new vehicles stop on by Matthews Mitsubishi.

Stop by before Monday and you could be the next winner of the 7 day test drive experience.