It's astounding that 9 out of 10 parents post photos of their children on social media sites like Facebook.  Here's why you should not.

While most parents go out of their way to protect their children, many don't think about the dangers of posting a simple photo of their kids, tagged with their name on a social media site for the entire free world to see.  With Facebook and other sites updating security features, there are still ways for predators to get past security to see pictures of your kids.

The truth is you cannot rely on the "friends only setting."  Sure, that's how it's supposed to work but every day, there are thousands of cases reported to social media sites where security has been compromised. A good rule of thumb is, assume that everything is public and don't post anything that you wouldn't want the world to see. Would you post a picture of your child with his or her name on the utility poll in front of your house? Of course you wouldn't.

If you still feel the need to post pictures of your new born or toddler, do not include your child's or even your friend's kids' real names in the tag or description.  Think about it, are the names really that important to that silly picture of your kid at Ross Park Zoo?  Your true friends know their names.

Safety is key when you are on social media.