Binghamton Restaurant Week, April 1-10 is one incredible idea that was started a few years back.  It's a great way to sample restaurants you may not be familiar with or restaurants you may not have visited in a while.  Not only does it benefit your appetite but also local charities.  A portion of the proceeds benefit VINES as well as the Binghamton Boys and Girls Clubs.

It's has become a regular tradition for me to call friends I may not have been in contact with for some time, meet them out at a Binghamton eatery and enjoy some good food and conversation.  Binghamton Restaurant Week is perfect for that.  Everyone has their comfort zone as far as a favorite restaurant but thanks to Binghamton Restaurant Weeks' of the past, I have expanded my list of favorites to include:  Crepe Heaven, Czech Pleeze, Galaxy Brewing Company and Whole In The Wall.

Tonight, I am very excited to be returning to an old favorite, Lost Dog Cafe.  I have many memories hanging out at the restaurant.  Through the years, I have taken some big country singers to this eatery, like Alan Jackson.  Good memories.

So do yourself a favor, call a friend, take a co-worker, meet a family member, or have a date night out and enjoy a very reasonable lunch or dinner at a restaurant you may not have tried or visit an old favorite (Little Venice, Number 5, Remlick's), help a local charity and sample some of the most tasteful eateries in and around Downtown Binghamton.

I look forward to reporting back to you my 'Lost Dog' experience.