If there’s one song that makes me melt into a weepy, mushy mess, it’s Kip Moore’s 'Hey Pretty Girl.' This is hands down my favorite song of the last ten years and the effect it's has on me is pretty much the same effect the movie “The Notebook” has had on people all over the world.

I'm sure you've seen the quote floating around the internet for several years that says “I want a Notebook romance, a love like Corey and Topanga, a story like A Walk To Remember and I want it all to be with you."  Well, I'm thinking somehow we need to find a way to incorporate Kip's song into this quote because 'Hey Pretty Girl' drips with romance and hope.

I don't care who you are- you want to be loved.  Everyone does. It's a natural feeling built into each of us from the day we're born.  We want to be needed and validated.  Most of us have gone through a dark time (or two or three) when we've been beaten down by someone we thought was right for us and in those dark hours, we've questioned if real love exists or if it's only something fairy tales are made of. I've been down both roads. I've thought that I was in love only to have my heart ripped from inside my chest and squeezed until it bled all over. It took me years to clean up the stains left behind. I don't believe that true love is about the chase. I believe it's about the landing.  It's about letting go and letting things fall into place when and where they're supposed to. The moment a person relinquishes control is when the magic begins. I believe in soul mates. I believe in having a connection so strong with someone that it feels they are fused into your being.

Since releasing 'Hey Pretty Girl,' Kip says he’s been flooded with comments from fans on a daily basis letting him know that they’re using that song as their wedding song. And do you doubt why? Um, have you listened to some of the lyrics?

Life's a lonely, winding ride
Better have the right one by your side
Happiness don't drag its feet
And time moves faster than anything

Or, how about:

Hey pretty girl, it feels so right
Just like it's meant to be
All wrapped up in my arms so tight
Hey pretty girl, it feels so right

So does Kip have a “pretty girl” in his life? Did he really write this song because like me, he believes in true love or did he write it knowing it would help him expand his lady audience?  Country Music is Love sat down with Kip and this is what he had to say:

 My guitar player, Dave, and his wife had a baby about a year ago. Just watching the way he was so excited about that. It was such a different chapter in his life. I kinda sat down and was writing that song for more of how I hope to feel one day and when I’m ready for that time, this is how I want it to be. I’m not at that place now, but one day that’s how I want to be.


Kip also talk about his song with the Huffington Post and said this:

For me, I've been rambling now for a long time and I've moved a lot of different places by myself. I lived in Hawaii for a long time in this little hut, surfed all of the time, backpacked and worked little odd jobs, then I moved to Nashville. With me spending that much time by myself and coming from a big family, it made me that way. I desired to get my own time because there were so many people trying to get a word in, I kind of grew up that way. With the job I have now, I'm always on the go, always on the run, and settling down is not really in the cards right now. I do know myself enough though to know that I'm going to desire. I think that's how we're all made, and it's how we were all created. You want to go through life with somebody at some point and have somebody to lean on. That's what I was thinking the day I wrote 'Hey Pretty Girl.' It's one of those things for me that's more of an idealistic standpoint - that one day, this is how I hope to feel about somebody, and this is the way I like to go through life with somebody

I was hoping that with lyrics like those in 'Hey Pretty Girl,' Kip would have a special girl in his life- his soul mate-the one who completes him, but it doesn't seem that's happened yet, but it looks like he's not written off love and that he really does want the right one to be by his side when his life slows down a little and I hope that happens for him because as he says life is a lonely, winding ride and having the right one by your side is the most important thing.

You’ve heard the radio version of 'Hey Pretty Girl,' but have you heard the acoustic? Press play, lean back in your chair, close your eyes and really take in the words. It’ll be good for your soul. And if you haven't found your soul mate and you're feeling like a love hating scrooge, hang in there.  It'll all come together when it's meant to be. I promise.

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