Garth Brooks was Country Music's ultimate performer. He was the first to fly across the stage on a zip line and the first to keep his ticket prices low. Of course, there are a lot of other qualities I could name, but those are the firsts.

When he retired some years ago, it was his promise that he would be back once his youngest, Allie, graduated from high school. That will be in one year. He kept his word that he would be Dad first and entertainer second.

Garth's 3 year residency at the Wynn in Las Vegas ended this past Saturday. Garth wasn't happy with his performance. He was "toast", as he said, when Steve Wynn came on stage to thank Garth for a great 3 years.

Then, Steve told the Press, that Garth is doing to do a World Tour in 2014. O-M-G!

Why am I so excited? Because Garth is the people's performer. Everything he does on stage is for us. He should tour in 2014. No doubt.

For those who think his time has past, I have two words for you: George Strait. Garth falls into the George category. Timeless. Delivering songs anyone can feel to the core. Giving us an experience, not a concert.

In 1997, Garth played to nearly 1 million people for free in Central Park. Why? Because he thought it was the best way for some to ever see him. The thing I love about Garth Brooks is he cares so deeply that his fans get what they deserve that he holds his tickets prices to the bare minimum. While other acts charged a base price of $40 or more, he held them to $20 or $25. He also tried to do that in his Las Vegas residency. Of course, that was somewhat out of his control.

Country Music needs Garth Brooks like he needs his fans. His ageless enthusiasm and passion for music and fans is something somewhat lacking in Country. Yes, our artists care and are accessible to fans, but Garth was the only one (until Taylor Swift who came close) to sign autographs for over 24 hours at Fan Fair. And if you ever meet him, guaranteed he will always remember your name. Even years later.

Garth puts Country Music on another level all together. If you haven't experienced Garth, you need to. Which is why I say "Come on back Garth!" Need more convincing? Just watch.