CAMPING SEASON IS ON THE WAY!!! If you are an RVer you already feel the excitement of a new adventure! I was a happy camper back in the day as well! All throughout my childhood my parents had a seasonal spot at a local campground and every weekend we would go away to our mobile cottage and have picnics, go fishing, ride bikes and hang out with our family by the campfire.

Credit, Kathleen Birdsall
Our 1st "Scotty" camper

My Grandparents had a Fifth Wheel and they had a seasonal spot right next to us! We had great weekends there and occasionally we would hook up the trailer, and pull away to a new adventure. It didn't matter if it would be a state park, another campground in another state, it was always a good time. New friends and just us.

As the years rolled on my father updated our campers and was always searching for the "perfect spot" to park the rig and enjoy time away from the phone, television and any other outside influences.

Credit: Kathleen Birdsall
Second Camper our Wilderness... and my Dad being a dork.

His way of "unplugging" when there was minimal devices to unplug from! However, he really never updated the car to pull the campers with so we always had some kind of overheating problems while traveling from one park to another. But even with the radiator boiling over and the frequent stops we always had a blast.

You may think of camping as tents and sleeping on the cold ground. Not with an RV. These campers come with all the great stuff you have at home! Showers, kitchens, beds, dining rooms and toilets. You never have to rent a hotel room when you own an RV. Just take it with you and find a campground near your favorite roller coaster or museum at a considerably lower rate than a hotel room. You never have to wonder if its clean and you take your own water with you in the holding tank so it always tastes like what you're used to.

Credit: Rich Birdsall
My current camper

After my parents passed away I was left with the latest camper. She's dirty and it's getting a bath as soon as my hand won't freeze to the side of it, but it's a nice camper. I have often thought about selling it as my time anymore is very thin, But I just can't bring myself to do it. I loved those times and would love to do that all over again with my own family some day. I may trade it in and get a newer one though!

This weekend The Southern Tier RV Show will be at the Binghamton University Events Center. I will be doing my show live from there Friday and will probably find something I really like... again. Last time I was there I was sold on a new camper, a "featherlite" model because I remember the tow vehicle overheating days of my youth. The featherlites are made to be towed by any vehicle... not that I should worry because I drive a Tahoe, but I would want to save on some gas!

If you are spending nights in hotel rooms with your family I recommend upgrading yourself to an RV. Since I'll be live at the show you should come find your new mobile cottage, hotel room... Your new camper at the Binghamton RV Show. Your family will be closer and happier that you did!