Sunday, the biggest NFL game of the day will be the Washington Redskins at the New York Giants.  I think this is one of the biggest rivalries not only in the NFL but in all sports.

Many know I'm a Redskins fan, but not many know why.  Super Bowl VII was between the undefeated Miami Dolphins and the George Allen led Washington Redskins.  Amazingly enough, the Redskins were favored in the game.  In the Press and Sun Bulletin was a cartoon drawing with a Indian holding a Dolphin by it's fin, like how you would hold a shark after you captured it.  I thought the drawing was cool, so I became a Redskin fan and have been one ever since.  I shudder to think that I might be a Dolphin fan if they were favored.

In the building is a New York Giant fan, I'll call him Big Wally.  We've made a fun bet for the game.  If and when the Redskins win on Sunday afternoon,  he'll be joining me on the air to sing the Washington Redskins fight song. He can change the words if he likes, but sing he will.  If you ever hear the Sam the Beer Man song on the Hawk, he's the one that (sings?) that. He told me what I have to do if the Giants win, but I'll be honest I wasn't really listening since I won't have to pay up.

You may recall that the Redskins were the first and the last team to beat the Giants last year, although they got the parade and Redskins didn't. So good luck all you Giant(loser) fans and HAIL TO THE REDSKINS, HAIL VICTORY.