Seriously, I can't even follow all the changes in the rumored actor who'll play Christian Grey in the screen version of '50 Shades of Grey.' Every time a name is announced that I think would be the perfect fit, the actor discredits the rumors and a new name is announced.

Charlie Hunnam- photo by Frederick M. Brown-Getty Images

The newest name that's been added to the list is an actor named Charlie Hunnam. Until I read he was being considered for the role, I had no idea who he was and that's probably because I've never watched 'Sons of Anarchy.'  To me, the 33-year-old actor looks a lot like Spencer Pratt from 'The Hills,' which isn't exactly how I picture Christian Grey to look.

Also on the list of potential actors to take on the lead role are Chase Crawford and Devin Paisley. Rumored before were Ian Somerhalder, Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer, but sources say none of those three men have a shot at getting the part because 50 Shades author E.L. James wants to pick somebody who isn't well known.

Dylan McDermott- photo by Allen Berezovsky-Getty Images

Devin Paisley is a beautiful human being. If his hair were dyed dark, I could see him pulling off the Christian Grey look. Ian Somerhalder, (who looks like a lot like a young Rob Lowe) with his chiseled jawline, blue eyes and dark hair fits the mental image I've got of what Christian Grey looks like perfectly, but I guess that probably won't happen. It's too bad that Dylan McDermott isn't 20 years younger. I've always had a thing for him.  Maybe if a sequel is filmed, Dylan could play the "more mature" version of Christian Grey.

I hope we're not left waiting too much longer to find out who will play the uber sexy Mr. Grey because the movie is set to be released just under a year from now.

Emma Stone- photo by Jamie McCarthy-Getty Images

As for who will play Anastasia Steele, that's also up in the air. I think Nina Dobrev (who just broke up with Ian Somerhalder- those racy scenes might be a little less awkward) would be perfect for the role of Anastasia with her sweet but sexy look and Emma Stone would be perfect to play the role of Kate, Ana’s friend.

Who do you want to see fill the roles of Christian and Anastasia?