Imagine waking up in a strange place where you don't recognize anyone and worst yet, you don't remember your name or where you came from.  This is the daily nightmare that Benjaman Kyle has lived since 2004.

Unlike The Bourne Identity, Benjaman didn't wake up with a complete blank slate of memories. While he doesn't remember any people, there are a few places, events, and other things he remembers.  Benjaman rembembers a few famous movie theaters and some childhood memories in the Indianapolis area. For example, he remembers his birthday (he thinks), since he believes he was born 10 years to the day before Michael Jackson.

Benjaman Kyle was discovered unconscious and naked on August 31, 2004 at a Burger King in Richmond Hill, Georgia. He had been unable to obtain employment without a Social Security number. He is the only American citizen officially listed as missing despite his whereabouts being known.

Local authorities couldn’t identify him either. In 2007, the FBI became involved, but could not identify him: making him the only US citizen in History listed as missing despite his whereabouts being known. Benjaman can’t remember who he is, and not even the US government can tell him: leaving him without an identity, and without a social security number.

During an October 16, 2008 interview with Dr. Phil McGraw, Benjamin recollected some minor memories he has, such as having brothers, being 10 years older than Michael Jackson (giving him a possible birth date of August 29, 1948), being around restaurant equipment, and that he attended a Catholic School. Through hypnosis, he has recalled a partial Social Security number 3X5-44-XXXX, consistent with numbers assigned in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana during the 1960s.

Without a social security number, Benjaman can’t get hired or even stay in a homeless shelter. In other words, there’s nothing he can do. He’s trapped in a loophole that nobody anticipated.

The Government has given up on finding out who this man is. Can the Internet do better? Please take a good hard look at Benjaman's photo and check out the video below and then share this with everyone you know. Someone knows this man.  They have to.