Well first of all, I would like to say "Good luck" to all of you  who are attending BCC.  Today is the first day of classes at Broome Community College.  I would be on the look-out for confused and lost people both on and off campus.  Good luck  to all of  you who are fresh out of  high school and looking to further your education.

Finally I would like to say Good luck to Pam.  As many of  you know my partner for the last 4 years has left.  The number 1 question I get is where is she. It seems like they stay around 3 to 4 years before they move on but I digress.

She is taking advantage of a grant for veterans  from the federal government and going back to college.  I loved our 4 years together and wish her the best in her next adventure. So now we  all know "Where's Pam."

Good luck to all and oh yeah, we'll be announcing my next  co-host soon.