Linda Davis is a unique artist. She never became a multi-platinum seller like Reba or Shania Twain, but she has been a very important mainstay in Nashville. Without her voice, some of the biggest singles in the late '80's and early '90's wouldn't have been as successful as they were.

You see, Linda Davis started out as a very sought after session singer. They are the unsung (pardon the pun) heroes of Country Music. Those harmonies and well placed notes make all the difference in the sound of a song.

At the same time Linda was getting noticed for session work., she was singing national jingles for Mug Root Beer, KFC, and Dr. Pepper. Then it happened; her first solo record deal! Linda was consistently on the radio. In 1993, she teamed up with friend Reba McEntire for the smash "Does He Love You." It went number one.

All through her career, Linda built a huge and loyal fan base. they remain with her today as she continues to tour, write music and release albums. She is also rooting for the success of her daughter, Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum.

In case you want a treasure of an album, find the Christmas album, Family Christmas, by Linda, her husband Lang Scott and Hillary. It's great stuff!

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