Way back in the 80's, I was an impressionable teenager. One day, I heard a song on the radio by a woman with a killer and somewhat teary sound. I wanted to be just like her! So, I bought some headbands, slicked back the sides of my hair and tried (but failed) to sing just like her. Janie Fricke was something special.

Janie Fricke had spent the 70's as an in demand backing vocalist for the likes of Ronnie Milsap, Crystal Gayle, Conway Twitty and others. She had the rare luck of hitting the ground running the minute she moved to Nashville.

Then she got the break of teaming up with Johnny Duncan on a couple of songs and everyone wanted to know who she was! They found out when she stepped from the background into the limelight. Her 4th album was the charm. 1981 began her quick climb to the top. In 1982 and 1983, she was named the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year and racked up a string of hits, many number ones.

So, what is Janie Fricke up to these days? Singing, recording and touring! Her latest album, Country Side of Bluegrass, released last year is a Bluegrass twist on her biggest hits. She released Roses and Lace in 2008. In case you are wondering, her voice is as cool as it was at her peak.

Not one to sit still for long, Janie also has her JFC Collection of custom hand sewn pillows, throws and decorations. Smart move for this business savvy songstress.

No matter what Janie is up to, she is always accessible to the fans. Reach out and say hi to her, find out about her music (which is available on iTunes) or check out her JFC Collection by clicking here.

Did I mention she is as lovely as ever? Here are a couple videos to enjoy.