I will never forget seeing the Tennessee River Boys at Opryland in the 80's. They had a harmony like nobody and the music was a mix of bluegrass and country. You may know them as Diamond Rio.

After performing for a couple of years at Opryland, the band got signed to a record deal and released their song Meet In The Middle. The song shot to number 1 and just like that, Diamond Rio was in the history books. They were the first group to get their debut song to the top spot.

Diamond Rio had a great ten year run with singles like Love A Little Stronger, How Your Love Makes Me Feel  and One More Day. Their last chart topper came in 2002.  In 2007, Diamond Rio shifted gears.

The band opted to release a Contemporary Christian album in 2009 called The Reason.  They currently tour and a memoir about the group, Beautiful Mess: The Story of Diamond Rio is available in stores.

The thing I have most loved about their music is the factor that helped them shift to Christian music: the songs are positive, sweet, and full of love and smiles. Luckily, that tradition will continue as long as the boys want because basically, Diamond Rio is going strong without a hiccup. Visit them at their website.