I'm guessing this has happened to you- you've had a discussion with your girlfriend or wife where she says, "Don't worry about Valentine's Day this year.  We don't need to make a big deal." And then when February 14th comes around and you haven't made plans, she's livid, right?

Women can be hard to understand most of the time. We're complex creatures. When a guy says not to worry about something, they generally mean it. When a woman says not to worry about something, you better get to worrying!

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, here's a little tip for my man friends- if your woman says not to worry about Valentine's Day, you need to start planning out the most spectacular day right away.

More than one in eight women say they've told a guy not to worry about Valentine's Day . and then got upset when they didn't do anything.

Wanna really throw your woman for a loop?  56% of  women say they expect their boyfriend or husband won't start trying to figure out Valentine's Day plans until February 12th or 13th, so if you start planning now, you'll be ahead of the game.

And if you're worried about getting her something that will send you into debt for the next 20 years, don't be.  95% of women say a gift or plan that shows it took some time and thoughtfulness is more important to them than a gift or plan that's expensive.