So This wasn't horrible, but it was still the worst time I had on vacation ever. I still had fun but could have done without the hotel problem. We were in The beach town of Ocean City Maryland got unpacked, messed around and got dinner and what not and ended up at our pet friendly hotel. I slept for about two hours when I was awoke to be told by Mariah that "It was raining into the bathroom." I looked out the window... no rain. I walked into the bathroom and it was a monsoon. I suspected a water line break in the ceiling. So, I called security and they came over to the hotel to find that the upstairs vacationers had plugged the toilet, flushed it and went to bed. For some reason, the toilet continued to pour water onto the floor soaking our room in toilet water. The hotel moved us to another hotel that did not allow dogs(they made an acception for lil' Maggie) and we spent the rest of the vacation getting awkward looks from the other hotel guests as my dog had the presidential run of the place.

What's Your worst vacation story?