We humans are great at exaggerating some risks and completely ignoring others. One example: more people are afraid of flying than driving, but it would take a weekly plane crash to equal the amount of deaths from car accidents every year.

The website Insure.com put together this quiz, based on insurance data, where you try to guess which of two things is more dangerous and it's almost never the one that we're more afraid of. Check it out:

#1.) Your spouse or a serial killer? The answer is spouses, by a TON. About 2,700 people a year are killed by their spouses, versus fewer than 1,000 killed by serial killers.

#2.) Your parent or your young child? It's EASILY your parent. There's about a one in one million chance your child will kill you. But when a young child is killed, there's more than a 50-50 chance he was killed by his parent.

#3.) A dog bite or a snake bite? More people die in the U.S. every year from dog bites than snake bites about 20 die from dog bites, 10 from snake bites. But there are a LOT more TOTAL dog bites than snake bites about four million versus 45,000. Which means that even though more people die from dog bites, a snake bite is 50 times more likely to be fatal.

#4.) Being a man or being a woman? At every age, in every country, it's more dangerous to be a male. It wasn't that way 100 years ago because of childbirth deaths but now that medical science is so much better, that's not a huge factor.

#5.) Showers or baths?It's baths, by a lot. Even though people slip in the shower, between drowning and electrocution, far more people die and get injured in bathtubs.