Getty Images/Lydia Bright

So I mentioned this earlier this week on the morning show and have been asked to repeat it.  What does your egg preference say about your personality?  According to the scientists (as I like to call them) from Britegg, who get paid to to ask such questions, this is what they found out.

Poached eggs: Happier than most, you're socially outgoing and like to wear decorative clothing  and have 2 kids. (I would think with 2 kids, you'd prefer scrambled because it's quicker and you can feed them faster.) and speaking of scrambled.

Scrambled eggs: More likely to be neurotic, guarded and less open, and own your own home (I would add: Like to get breakfast started and done as soon as possible.)

Fried eggs: Have stronger "lovin" drives with more  experience, higher memorable dream recall.  Your curious, creative and imaginative. (So ladies if all of a sudden your man wants fried eggs and has never asked for them before, then you know he read this.)

Boiled eggs: More disorganized, careless and impulsive and higher risk of divorce. ( A woman told me not to tell her boyfriend because she loves boiled eggs and there not married yet.)

Omelettes: Reliable, well organized and self-disciplined. You live longer and are less likely to get divorced. (How does that go hand in hand).  They forgot to put: Extra time on your hands to make and eat .

So there ya go,  I hope this helps you identify your personality.  I know they didn't say what  "over easy" meant, but the less said about that the better. (maybe refer to Fried  eggs). Although they forgot to put my favorite. I prefer my eggs put into cookie dough with chocolate chips and baked til done.