Money is great for stuff. you can pay off bills, you can buy new TV's you can buy shoes, clothing... But what would I do? We have a contest going on right now that gives you two chances to win $1000.00 a day, every weekday in the month of May going on right now. I can't win, because I work here.

I have been thinking about what I would do with the money if I could win and... I don't think I would spend it on myself in any way. Even if I won the $10, 000.00 from the giveaway on the Hawk Rewards. I have to think that there are bigger things than myself to take care of. I would use some of it to cover the taxes, (Uncle Sam always wants his free money) but the entire remainder of either winnings I would split up amongst all cancer research foundations I could find. I've had family members go through it, friends die of it, and it causes so much heartache and angst.

I would give what little money I won to a battle worth fighting. If you want to play Listen for the cue to call and dial 1-877-854-9467.

If you're caller 25, what would you do with your $1000.00?