Yesterday, one of my friends posted a picture of the Fisher Price Parking Ramp and Service Center and I was flooded with memories. I spent so many hours playing with that thing.

Glenn and I were talking about our favorite childhood toys and he asked me which my favorite was. It's so hard to give just one because I had so many. I loved the Parking Ramp and Service Center and my Big Wheels and my Barbies and my pogo stick and my record player and...ha! I could keep on going forever with the toys I loved.

Being a kid in the 80's and 90's was pretty awesome. We knew how to build forts and play four square. We skinned our knees and didn't cry. We drank water out of a hose and if we weren't filthy when we went home at the end of the day, then we didn't play hard enough. I wouldn't trade those days for anything in the world.

Since I know it'll be hard for you to pin down just one toy as your favorite from childhood, how about this- what toy bring(s) back the most memories?  Maybe it was your Crickett Doll (I loved my doll- except I learned the hard way not to put my finger in her mouth while she was talking because it hurt!).  Maybe it was your green Army men.  Maybe it was your slinky.  Whatever it was, we'd love to hear what toy from your childhood brings a smile to your face.

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