Asking for a raise is not easy. As a matter of fact, I've never asked one. Ever.

I've never asked for a raise because I don't have the guts. I'm too scared that if I do ask for a raise the powers that be would just let me go and hire someone to take my place and at a salary less than I'm currently making.  I'm totally cynical when it comes to business and I have nobody to blame for not being happy with my salary than myself.

I'm not certainly not alone in the not asking for a raise department. According to U.S. News, almost 60% of workers don't ask for a raise at all. But what I thought was more interesting was that they claim 44% of people actually do get a raise when they ask for one.

If you've finally worked up the nerve to sit down with the boss and ask for a little extra money, Bustle suggests a few things not to say, including- "I'm leaving if you don't give me a raise." Threats are an awful place to start. You should also avoid saying something like "I need a raise because my expenses are high." You might think this will make your boss feel sorry for you, but it won't. It'll only make you look immature.

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