I was wondering what Binghamton people are doing to prepare for New Years. I know I'll be DJing. So we are going out before my DJ shift starts to have dinner and hang with friends. But what are YOU doing? I took to Facebook to find out.

Apparently Kiesha is having coffee:

Photo By: Kiesha













Tanya is eating cookies:

Photo by: Rich Birdsall













Traci is making Sauerkraut:

Photo by: Traci Taylor
















Amanda is buying the last Black Eyed Peas:

Photo By Amanda Chestnut















Loren Leonard is painting figurines:

Photo By: Loren Leonard














And last but not least Ciara is chillin in her crib:

Photo By: Ciara Cable








What are you doing? Comment below from the Facebook plug-in and tell us what your plans are!