So are you planning on flying for theThanksgiving holiday?  You may be surprised what you're not supposed to bring on the airplane for your Thanksgiving meal.  The TSA  (you know the people who care for our safety on the plane) are warning travelers that their favorite holiday food might be grounded.

If you have that special gravy sauce that absolutely positively must be made ahead of time.  You could be in for a surprise.  If you have more than 3.4 ounces of gravy, cranberry sauce, creamy dips, jellies, salad dressing or any other holiday liquid goodness, there's a good chance that it will be left behind.  Now if you're planning on bringing early Christmas gifts, you could also run into a problem. Snow globes and gift baskets with food items could also be left behind.

A couple things that you can do ahead of time.  You may want to check out the TSA website for the do's and don't list of things to bring.  You can put your item in your checked bag (here mom, I brought pumpkin pie...smushed pumpkin pie).  You can ship it ahead of time, which is popular with golfers when they go on golf trips.  You could use this as an excuse to not bring something (I made the 3  layer cake with extra icing but it must have gotten lost when I shipped it).  You can always leave it home (more for yourself when you get back home).

Passengers can bring pies and cakes through airport security but are subject to screening.  Hey just what I want, a TSA agent that just got done doing a full body search on the passenger ahead of me and now wants to check my pie. My pie may be lethal but only in a in-the-body sort of way. Finally, you can always drive a car., gas prices are down and you can see the country side.  My suggestion:  Buy a gift certificate and give it to the hostess.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING