Valentine's Day is here tomorrow.  Are you planning on buying flowers for that special loved one in your life?  Is it a new relationship and you want to send the right message with flowers?  Here's what the flowers could be saying.

Red tulips: Declaration of love.  Dalila: Elegance and dignity.  Blue violet: Faithfulness  Roses: Love (or this is what I thought you would want me to get you.)

Here are flowers you may want to avoid (unless this is what you really want to say.)  Daffodil: Uncertainty  White carnation: Disdain  Mint: Suspicion  Lavender: Mistrust     Black Poppy: hatred or farewell  Dead Flowers: Whoops, I forgot I had these.

I say: Be on the safe side and get her a gift certificate from a floral shop.  That says," I took the time to go to a flower place but I know I'm going to get the wrong kind of flowers for you." I know we've been told numerous times what flowers she likes and dislikes, that doesn't mean we remember... I found out that the hard way.

So Happy Valentines Day and good luck guys.