Today is election day, so make sure you get out and vote today.  Polls are open til 9pm in New York and 8pm in Pennsylvania. I thought we would take a light (light beer) look  at what your choice of beer says about your politics.

According to those who get paid to do surveys and ask beer/political questions they say,  Americans (as opposed to illegal aliens, I guess) who drink Dos Equis are middle of the road (independents).  That suprises me because if Doe Equis is good enough for the “most interesting man in the world” and his stance on his  beer (I don’t often drink beer but when I do it’s Dos Equis).  I would think a Dos Equis drinker would know exactly who he/she wants to vote for.

A Heineken drinker is a Democratic voter while  Samuel Adams drinkers are Republican.  A Coors Light drinker is delusional….because it’s not really beer  (Ok,  I made that one up).  Well good luck to both candidates.  I hope this helps as you watch the coverage tonight on TV (drinking may help  while you watch).  If you do watch tonight, I don't recommend you play drinking games involving the word "Swing States" and "Early exit polls"  or you'll be intoxicated in less than an hour.

Remember to get out and vote tonight but leave your drink at home,  because they don't let you drink in the voting line.