I was over at 21st Century Pools on the Vestal Parkway today to pick up some hot tub filters I had on order.  While I was waiting, I noticed this rather good size box next to the counter with ATTN:  Glenn & Traci and February 27th handwritten in red.

So I went back to my car thinking, is it for our Glenn and Traci and how could I not know about this.  Maybe it was a coincidence that there was a box with Glenn & Traci; I mean there are other Glenn and Traci's in the Binghamton area, right?

I can't get a hold of Glenn and Traci and I don't want to be too nosy either. I have the feeling of being stranded in a boat in the middle of the water.  I just asked Rich and he had no clue... as usual.  But I do think it's rather interesting.

So what do you think is up?