Getty images- Scott Olson

Wendy's continues to make changes.  Last year, they changed the way the restaurant looked, they added food items and they changed the employees uniforms.

For 2013, Wendy's is looking for the next big thing.  They hope it's a bacon cheeseburger....on a pretzel bun.  The company wants to replace your typical bun with a bigger pretzel like bun.  They hope this will set them apart from other restaurants.  As I mentioned, they are doing many things to change the perception of the restaurant and food.  They have also announced that they will use better breads.

The pretzel burger is being tested at various Wendy's to find out about their popularity and success. The buzz so far has been positive but I want to know who's making that buzz.  I think with this burger, you could put mustard on the top of the bun and inside on the burger as well.  When your done eating, just take what's left of the bun and dip it in some nacho cheese sauce.....Yum.  Now just add a beer and a ballpark frank and your good to go.