My mom and I were just talking about how I was raised that it was very important to be well-groomed when going to three places- church, the doctor and school and so it was pretty interesting to stumble on this little tid-bit this morning.

People have laughed at me when I've told them that I always make it a point to make sure I look respectable when I go to the doctor or take my son to the doctor. No, it's not awesome to get dressed in jeans and a nice top and to do your hair when you don't feel well and just want to live in sweats, but trust me when I tell you that if you put a little effort into the way you look, you'll be treated much differently, and for the better.

It's not just me saying this because my mom told me, it's actually been proven that men who are well groomed make more money than men who could care less about how they look- but I have to believe that it goes for everyone in virtually every situation.

Researchers have found that the best groomed male employees can earn $14,000 more than those who aren’t as concerned about how they look.

The research also mentioned that it's not just about being physically good looking. Both attractive and less attractive men can pad their paychecks with extra money just by taking the time to make sure they're put together each day.

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