On Monday night, Jimmy Fallon took over 'The Tonight Show.'  He had great ratings. A 3.8 for adults 18-49 with over 11 million views overall.  He easily outdrew David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel.  Here are some of the weird things that have happened since he took over the show.

5) He got a new Tonight Show desk because the old one had chin marks on it.

4) Conan keeps sending him emails that only say, "MINE."

3) The head honcho's at NBC keep saying, "Is your last name Fallon or Kimmel?"

2) He keeps getting tickets for Jay Walking. Speaking of Jay Walking.

1) Since he can't do Leno's bit Jay Walking, he's doing a segment called "Jimmy Walkering." It's DYNOMITE!!!  If you don't understand, ask your parents or Google "Jimmy Walker."

Tonight (2/19) Tim McGraw will perform on the show. It's on NBC 5.