The weight loss industry is big, really big and the rumors that have been made up by sales and promotional people in the industry have all but become truth. The reality is that I have found that they simply aren't.

I've taken the pills that were meant to magically drop the weight overnight, while you sleep, while you watch TV, or better yet the ones made to simply alter your DNA and make you into a skinny person. They don't do a darn thing. Minimal results if any from curbing your appetite with a stimulant and that's it. So I'm 113 lbs down and I remain at that weight with some perseverance and diet control. Here's some of the stuff we've already heard that we take as Diet Gospel and in reality... naw.


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    Losing weight is easy, eat less and exercise more

    Great advice. Basically, eat 7 cashews and run for 4 hours. Easy right? Yes it will work, but people get hungry. If we could control how much we were eating to begin with we wouldn't have this issue in the 1st place. If I, at 353 lbs could feel satisfied after eating a bowl of steamed broccoli with out the fixin's I wouldn't have been terribly obese to begin with. Carrying all that weight just to and from work and mowing the lawn was exercise! What tends to happen is we eat when we are hungry. If we pick the wrong food, no matter what the portion is, its hard to get it burned off. If you consume a typical bakery made 585 calorie cupcake and decide to burn that off with a brisk walk, brisk meaning 3 miles per hour, you'd be walking for a little over an hour to rid yourself of the cupcake. You can make yourself mad and sad by checking your calories and effort needed to get rid of them at my favorite calorie count helper website HealthAssist.

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    Fasting doesn't work to lose weight

    Bad News... Yes it does. I was blown away one evening when I was younger. I had lunch with a beautiful blonde that worked in the same building as I did and she said she would just have a water with lemon. I was confused. I asked why, she replied "You're not supposed to eat everyday!" I was shocked. Turns out, she was slightly off base but correct in a minuscule way. See, if you were bad for a day and ate some seriously bad schtuff, you could and should fast for a day after. It's a good restart and you'll be punishing yourself a little for getting off track, and the weight loss is incredibly fast. Which makes you feel great when people say great things about how you look. Encouragement can be a great motivator! But make sure you DO go back to eating your healthy snacks and meals, because this is a LIFELONG commitment.

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    Losing weight quickly is unhealthy

    Um... Nope. If you are overweight. The kind of over weight I was, your body is being subjected to a bombardment of stuff you don't realize is happening. I was in the beginning stages of diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver do to fat deposits, heart disease, high blood pressure and joint damage. After dropping the weight the blood pressure and diabetes risk was gone the rest except the joint damage was improved. It was all a good thing! Oh, speaking of joint damage...

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    Losing weight eliminates joint pain

    Nope. You've already done the damage. It hurts because you've destroyed some part of the joint by making it carry weight it was never designed to carry. The pain may decrease do to less weight and stress on the joint, but it will still hurt. Damage is done. Sadly.

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    Losing weight make you happy!

    "Thin" doesn't magically make happy. Weighing less was a fun to begin with, seeing the transformation and hearing comments from people was great, but alas my depression, anxiety, my failure in my relationship which was the best thing I've ever had, and everything Not awesome were all right there waiting for me once the awesome comments and new shirt size confidence boost was over. I'm actually not all that happy-slappy right now. and none of it has to do with my weight!! I am still stressed because of situations in my life and have to continue to work on the thoughts in my head about some circumstances in the past that continue to plague me. So don't think that once you're skinny everything will be awesome and life quality will be amazing. Your inner demons will have to be set loose, fixed or made peace with before happy happens. :-)

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    To lose weight you must have discipline

    Well yeah, but you need other stuff too. In this case discipline means tto resist the urge to eat the dang cake. You need a myriad of things besides discipline to stay at your new healthy weight!  Reflect upon yourself, Tell yourself the truth about everything including what you're about to shove into your face, Keep an open minded approach to new foods including the healthy ones, be willing to eat something that you know nothing about that is inside a healthy living lifestyle and find people and groups that will support you in your efforts. If your friends refuse to make sure you have a healthy option to eat when you are invited to their party, and assume the "If he wants to eat, he'll eat what we have or starve" attitude, it will be hard on you to maintain you goal weight!


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    Losing the weight is the hardest part

    HAHAHA NO! After all the effort needed to change YOUR LIFE to maintain your healthy-ness you will realize that the loss itself was... for the lack of a better word choice, a piece of cake! You and everyone else that identifies as human are cold calculating self-sabotaging terrorists, convincing ourselves to go back to our old eating habits after our weight loss. why? Well it tases so freaking good! Then you gain all that weight back and some extra for good measure. You have to stay firm and unwavering on your food choices and embrace this new lifestyle 100% to remain healthy.