My last wedding of the 2012 season for me was December 1st, The Sanfords! I had a little time off but now It begins again! I'm happy about it because after a awhile I feel like I've failed at life because I have no wedding... :-)  In all seriousness I hope you enjoy reading about the weddings I have been fortunate enough to be a part of. I have seen many great people start their lives together and it always makes me feel great inside. You've seen what other brides have done to make their special day their own and hopefully it reminds you of your own wedding day or gives you inspiration toward your future wedding day(I may know a cool DJ if need one... Just Saying. Ha Ha)! When I began blogging on my wedding receptions I only wanted to include you on the greatness I witness every weekend. I hope you have! This weekend is my 1st wedding of the 2013 season and will blog on it as well! My only regret from last season is that I didn't use a better camera!! I'll see what I can do. I invite you to join me here for the 2013 wedding season and if you are getting married come say hello at the bridal show!