Riley and Bay Bay

As you know, I wrote last week about my wife’s grandmother and how she fell and fractured her hip and is receiving rehab at a local nursing home. Here's the original story.

Well Bay Bay’s 92nd birthday is this Friday and we have almost reached the halfway mark on our attempt to get her “92 for 92.”  These cards are having a tremendous effect on her recovery.  She looks forward to her mail everyday and can’t get over the outpouring of support from people that don’t even know her.
She asks every morning if she has any new cards to open and expresses how happy she is that people are thinking of her and willing to take the time out to send her a card.  They are brightening up her room and lifting her spirits which is definitely helping in her recovery. Her eyes light up and she grins from ear to ear when they go through the new batch of cards each day.
Again, these cards don’t have to be birthday, they can be St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Get Well, kids homemade, she even got a thank you card for being an inspiration to others. She has a great sense of humor, her favorite color is pink and blue reminds her of Dawn’s grandpa who passed away 8 years ago earlier this month.
The sooner she gets better, the sooner she can get back home and the sooner I get out of dog sitting her Rat Terrier named Guinness.  Ok, just kidding I love the dog but he keeps stealing my space in bed. Sometimes he decides to nap with me on the couch and Dawn takes pictures of it.  Sorry no pictures here, cuz no one wants to see me sleeping with my mouth wide open (that could cost me my man card.)
So keep these cards coming and help make this Friday a very special birthday for Bay Bay.  We also made a special page for her called "Cards for Margaret." Check it out here.


Dawn Pitcher