Last month, I told you about my grandma Pitcher who turned 102. My wife Dawn has a fantastic grandma as well (we call her Bay Bay), who I love like my own. She unfortunately fell last Friday and fractured her hip.  She had surgery on Saturday and is now receiving rehab.  Her birthday is coming up on March 22nd and she will be 92.

Her room is nice but it’s pretty bare and we would like to fill it with cards.  They can either be birthday, get well, thinking of you, St. Patrick’s Day, homemade by kids...whatever really.  We would love to see her receive at least 92 cards in honor of her 92nd birthday. Her favorite color is pink and blue reminds her of Dawn’s grandpa who passed away 8 years ago this month.
We would like to fill her room with cards to cheer her up and receiving mail will brighten her day and give her something to read. It does not matter if you know grandma (Bay Bay) or not and my family thanks you bunches in advance. She is a wonderful lady. 
You can mail the cards/letters/flowers to Elizabeth Church Manor 863 Front St 13905 C/O Margaret Fernald Rm 126.