A lot of people have wondered if what took Princess Diana’s life really was an accident or if it was something more- if it was murder.

Starting this morning, Scotland Yard will be examining new information into Princess Diana’s death.  Detectives will look into a new conspiracy in the cover-up in her murder by British Special Forces.

Rumor has always been that Diana feared for her life and was paranoid that her ex, Prince Charles had intentions of killing her.

August 31st marks the 16th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death in a Paris tunnel and until now, the investigative reports said that her limo driver was drunk, and driving recklessly, but we’ll see if that changes after Scotland Yard looks into the new information.

And, it just so happens in the middle of this new investigation that a new Diana movie is about to be released starring Naomi Watts. Nothing helps promote a movie like a new conspiracy.