If you go to "Meet the DJ's" and click on my face, you can see what my life long goal is. On Saturday, I'll be back at my hometown of Warren Center, Pa to achieve it......sort of.

It's the Warren Center Firemen Field Days. It's one of the two places that I got my start as an announcer....The other one was Howdy Jones Ballpark in Little Meadows, Pa. BACK IN THE DAY, I would announce and play music along the midway.

One of my memories is the Hee-Haw and Talent show inside the community building. One of my "clever" announcements was, "The country is going on inside but the Rock-n-Roll is going on outside." Yes, it was before the days that I saw the light and went to the Country Side. Unfortunately my "clever" announcing has not got better.

The great thing is I'll have a chance to relive my memories this weekend at the Field Days because this year's theme is the 80's. Although I've been asked to leave my Wierd Al Yankovic wig at home.....bummer.

It starts tonight around 6 with a fireworks show at dusk. They have food including the best chicken BBQ around...I might be biased but it's true. You can eat it in the hall or take it to go.

One of my favorite things is bingo in the hall. Thanks to Mary Vandervort for teaching me N-40. When she would say it, everyone would repeat "40" in a falsetto voice. Is that everywhere or just a Warren Center thing?

Saturday, I get to nearly live my life long goal.....No, I'm not the grand marshal of the parade but I get to announce the trucks, floats and bands as they go by. In all seriousness, it an honor being asked. The parade starts at 7pm.

Proceeds from the field days go to the Volunteer Warren Center Fire Department. I'm proud to say that my Dad has been a volunteer for as long as I can remember. To find out more about the Field Days and the Volunteer Fire Department, go here.