24-year-old woman in North Dakota wasn't supposed to give birth for six weeks.  However... last Thursday, she went into labor in Walmart parking lot while she was waiting for the mother of her husband to be to finish her shopping.

Someone heard her cries for help and called 911, they weren't going to arrive in time so, Walmart manager Derrick Orr got a call for a "code white"(medical attention).

Derrick headed toward the parking lot, saw Alesia ready to give birth, and ran back into the store to get rubber gloves.  Meanwhile, other shoppers were taking direction from the 911 operator and taking care of the womans 3 year old son, who was sitting in her truck.

Once Derrick got back with the gloves, he delivered the baby... tying off the umbilical cord with his own shoelace!  Alesia says she, for the most part, was embarrassed she was giving birth at Walmart.

She and her baby are doing just fine.  Her baby was just 4 pounds 14 ounces, and she's naming him Diesel.  To top it all off, she not only gave birth in a Walmart parking lot but, it was her birthday!

Alesia's future mother in law missed the birth. Why you ask? She was right there!!

Welp... she was standing in the checkout line.