Speed is not my thing.  I guess that's why I work behind a microphone and play music all day!  But when I did work at McDonald's drive thru in Johnson City, I was told speed was not my thing.  Hey, I was in high school and couldn't understand why people were in such a hurry.  But I have managed to move on with my life.

A new study released by QSR, shows that the wait time at seven fast food drive thru's, rose 8 seconds from the year before.  The study shows that it took 180.83 seconds to complete an order, compared to 172.64 seconds from 2012.

Some of the restaurants named are not even in the Southern Tier of New York or North Eastern Pennsylvania so we're letting some of these named, off the hook!

Here’s a look at how the chains fared:

  • Wendy’s 133.63 seconds
  • Taco Bell – 158.03 seconds
  • Taco John’s 181.19 seconds
  • McDonald’s – 189.49 second
  • Burger King – 198.48 seconds
  • Chick-fil-A – 203.88 seconds
  • Krystal – 217.89 seconds

I guess rushing too much can be bad too.  While Burger King actually improved it's wait time, the report showed that it had the worst accuracy rate, getting only 82.3% of drive-thru orders right.

Yikes, that's a lot for them to catch up...err... ketchup with.