Mirabito Energy Products is a full-service energy provider serving Upstate New York, Northern Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Mirabito’s products and services include fuel oil, propane, kerosene, diesel fuels, coal, wood pellets, lubricants, natural gas, heating and cooling equipment sales and service with a variety of payment plans and delivery options. Mirabito also owns and operates over 55 convenience stores throughout Upstate New York

Motto: “Our People Make Energy Different”

Founded: 1927

Led by: John Pilkington

Why They’re Unique: Mirabito is celebrating its 85th Anniversary and is a family owned and operated business with its roots in the Southern Tier. Mirabito has evolved and adapted with the energy industry and continues to search for new and better ways to provide products and services to their customers.

They Can Answer Questions Relating to: What are the advantages of using propane vs. fuel oil? How hard is it to convert to propane from another fuel and will I need to purchase new equipment? How hard is it to convert to propane from another fuel and will I need to purchase new equipment?

Meet The Expert

John is the Assistant General Manager for the Home Comfort Division of Mirabito. John and his Father owned and operated their own family business, Rounds Fuel in Greene, NY for 20 years until it merged with Mirabito in November of 2006 and John has been with Mirabito ever since. His knowledge of fuel oil and heating and cooling equipment is an asset to the business and customers.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. What are the advantages of using propane vs. fuel oil?

The price per gallon of propane is less than fuel oil making it cheaper to “fill your tank.” Propane is also a cleaner burning fuel than fuel oil so is better for the environment. The biggest advantage is its versatility as an energy source. Propane can heat your home, power your grill, clothes dryer, heat your pool, and even fuel vehicles. It is convenient and more affordable.

2. Sometimes there are stories about propane tanks exploding, how do I make sure I stay safe if I am using or thinking of using propane at my home?

  • Modifications or alterations to your propane system should be handled by authorized personnel only. Be sure your supplier is certified and trained to handle propane and is safety conscious.
  • Recognize the smell: the easiest way to detect propane is by its very unpleasant odor. If the scent of propane is in the air, a potentially dangerous situation may exist.
  • Never tamper with your system’s supply lines.
  • Never tamper with and safety devices, regulators, or storage tank fittings.
  • Never use an open flame, to test for propane leaks.

3. How hard is it to convert to propane from another fuel and will I need to purchase new equipment?

First, it is very possible to convert your home and appliances to propane with the help and expertise of a qualified company/service technician. The cost and what new equipment you need will vary depending on your lifestyle and how you want propane to work for you. To have it heat your home, you need to purchase a new furnace or boiler. Keep in mind you will no longer need an oil tank in your basement which costs upwards of $1500 to replace when it gets old. A propane tank is, in most cases, provided by the supplier at no cost and is outside the house.


1. Safety and proper training is #1 when dealing with propane. 

Mirabito is a proud member of the New York State Propane Gas Association and our entire team of drivers, service technician and managers has and continues to receive the most up-to-date training and certifications.

2. If you add to the ways you are using propane in your home, contact your supplier.

One of the benefits of propane is its versatility. However, if you add or convert an appliance, like a stove, to propane, it is important to let your supplier know so that we can adjust your usage and ensure that you do not run out. Mirabito offers automatic delivery for our customers and wants to ensure that you never run out!

3.  Do your research before choosing supplier.

Once a supplier has set a tank at your home, legally, ONLY they can fill that tank in the best interest of safety. Because of that, it is more challenging and more work to change suppliers than if you are using other fuels. Choose a supplier you know has safety as their #1 priority, is a reputable company and consistently has competitive pricing. Mirabito has been in business for 85 years and takes our employees and customers’ safety very seriously.

This season, Mirabito can keep your life efficient. Watch the video below to learn about their quality services and energy efficient  products.

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