Blueox is a home comfort business. They are the ONLY BPI accredited contractor that can provide their customers energy solutions for heating and cooling, insulation and fuel without subcontracting to other companies. They provide their customers with home heating fuels such as, fuel, kerosene, propane as well as diesel and gasoline. They also have a highly trained service department that specializes in sales and service of heating and cooling equipment for homes and small business. Because they are a different kind of energy company and really want to help you reduce those costly energy bills they also provide their customers with spray foam & cellulose insulation. They even offer FREE energy audits so if you are looking to improve your homes energy efficiency they can show you where to start.

Founded: Blueox was started in the 1960s, with the principles of providing people heating solutions at a fair price. They stand by these principles today and have worked to expand their business to really provide solutions for people to make living in your home comfortable and and affordable.
Why They’re Unique: They are the ONLY company that can provide heating & cooling and insulation customers total home improvement options under one roof. They do not outsource any of their work so at the end of the day they stand behind their products, their services and their people. They will do everything they can to ensure you are completely satisfied when the work is done because the customer is their number 1 priority. They are a BPI accredited company so they are held accountable for all they do by a third party. This protects their customers and ensures all the work they do is done right. As part of this accreditation they frequently attend trainings to stay ahead of the learning curve.
They Can Answer Questions Relating to:

1. I have insulation in my walls and attic, so I don’t need additional insulation right?

2. My home is drafty, but I am not sure what the problem is. How do I find out where the right places to air seal and insulate are?

3. My home isn’t new construction so I can’t utilize the benefits of spray foam insulation, or can I?

4. I know my home needs insulation but my energy bills are so high I don’t think I can afford it. What are my options?

1. Have your heating system checked annually to maintain/improve efficiency and safety.

2. Make sure your heating contractor has the proper qualifications, including training and insurance. Also find out what happens if you do have an issue and they are not around to help. Do they have a full time service department operating 24/7? If your contractor is on vacation and you don’t have heat what will you do?

3. Check with a qualified contractor like Blueox before making energy improvements to your home. We will make sure you don’t waste your money and installed measures are done safely to protect your home and family.

4. Qualified insulation contractors have tools such as a Blower Door & Thermal Imaging Camera to help you see what’s inside your walls and attic space.

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