Utica Police Department

I got to spend time with my 5 ½ month old nephew this past weekend and I had such a hard time handing him over to my brother when they had to leave.  I just wanted to hold him close because on my mind was missing 9 month old Levon Wameling and my heart has been so filled with sadness about the disappearance of this innocent baby. 

Utica Police have made it very clear that every officer will do what it takes to find 9 month old Levon Wameling, but they need the help of kindhearted citizens as well.

Utica Police Sergeant Steve Hauck told YNN “You know there was a big outcry, which really started on social media, but we got a lot of phone calls and people, they just wanted to help."

The help is VERY appreciated, but Sergeant Hauck says the problem is that people are messing up potential crime scenes, so Utica police are taking names for a search party that they will lead. They're also adding to a list of more than 45 volunteers with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children who will pass out flyers.

If you’d like to assist in searching for Levon or if you have information on where the baby might be, please call Utica Police at (315) 223-3510.

Source: YNN