Yesterday was another epic day for our animal friends & P.E.T.A. FedEx and UPS has issued a written promise, saying they refuse to ship animals to research labs. These animals are lost pets, strays and in some cases pet-napped animals sold to the lab for testing. It's horrific. Other animals used are monkeys, and the most used are mice and frogs.Some researchers are saying that not being able to get animals like frogs overnight-ed by UPS could set them back years in their research... Research in how the frogs vocal chords work. Hmph.

PETA says that it is approaching every cargo carrier on the planet, pressuring them to ban animal shipments internationally and domestically. As good as that sounds, I have a feeling that the all mighty dollar will prevail. The second FedEx and UPS experience and monetary loss in any way I foresee a broken promise.