Can I just stop for a second to appreciate how awesome you are as well as everyone else around the world who contributed to making Daniel Nickerson’s sixth birthday the best birthday ever?

Last week I shared the story of Danny’s ongoing battle with a terminal brain tumor and his family’s hopeful perspective on the future, taking a bold stand in honor of Danny’s July 25th birthday, encouraging anyone who would listen to fulfill the boy’s simple birthday wish and fill his mailbox with letters and cards for his special day.

Today I'm pleased to say that Danny’s wish came true, and on a grand scale! The boy’s aunt reported at least 100,000 letters and 8,000 boxes of mail from all over the world.

I can hardly wrap my head around that number of letters – can you imagine how mad your mailman would be if he had that many cards to shove in your mailbox? – but the outstanding response to the Nickerson family’s attempt to reach out for their son is a reminder of how blessed we all are to live in a world where this show of kindness is possible.

In regards to Danny’s treatment however, the battle is far from over but the family remains optimistic.

“We are all praying [the tumor] is stable still,” his aunt, Gail Chamberlin, told CNN. “No one really has lived past a year, we know we are on month eight. But we don’t really talk about it and we hope there is going to be a cure.”

There is power in prayer, folks and possibility from positivity! We continue to follow the Nickerson’s story and hope you will all agree when I say we wish them nothing but the best and endless blessings!