Some say that people feel the most stress on Monday or Friday.  I say it's Tuesday. You still have 4 days till the weekend and you can't use Monday as an excuse. We all want stress relief. Here are some unusual ways to relieve your stress.

5) Pet your dog... if you don't have a dog, then pet your neighbor.

4) Clean out your clutter. They say being surrounded by too much stuff can stress you out. I say, If you go on vacation and leave your doors unlocked, someone else will de-clutter it for you... of course that causes a different kind of stress.

3) Talk a walk. They say that the exercise releases endorphins.  I say, if you take a long enough walk, you'll de-stress your co-workers and spouse too.

2) Drink orange juice. Vitamin C can help manage stress... Add vodka for even MORE stress relief.

1) Make a list. They say that if you write things down, it doesn't feel as overwhelming.  I say, instead of doing something productive, make up some silly list people assume was carefully researched.

I feel less stress already, just knowing that I'm done with this list of stress relief.