'Redneck Crazy.'  Over 3.1 million people have viewed Tyler Farr's new video that has helped the song become a major hit on Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40 and The American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks.

If you were to ask Tyler about the huge appeal of the video, other than it being a great song, I bet he would say, it's the camouflage.  In fact, Tyler is feeling pretty hip these days, now that camo has been called "the new black."

 “Apparently, everybody’s got a little redneck in ‘em, at times, and I’ve been sayin’ that for years, and I’ve been wearin’ camo back before camo was cool. And now, camo — to Willie [Robertson] in Duck Dynasty, they were featured in some magazine in L.A. that it’s the new black. So apparently now, I’m finally cool. It’s awesome.”

If you haven't yet seen 'Redneck Crazy,' it's a must see for Hawk Fans: