It’s no secret that I love Tyler Farr’s song “Redneck Crazy” and that it gets stuck inside my head whenever I hear it even if it is a little on the “I’m a creeper” side, so this is really surprising to me.

“Redneck Crazy” is actually bringing grown men to tears.

Now, maybe it’s because I listen to the song as a woman and when I hear a dude singing lines like “I'm gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom windows throw empty beer cans at both of your shadows.” And “I didn't come here to start a fight, but I'm up for anything tonight” I think maybe this guy is a little tipsy and needs to step back because he’s only gonna make an already broken situation worse.

But apparently that’s not how grown men hear it.  Listen to what Tyler says: "some people said they've cried, like it hits 'em right there, and not in a million years would I have ever thought a song called 'Redneck Crazy' would make you cry” and added "however it affects somebody, that's my job is to reach in and tug on the heartstrings of people or make 'em laugh or make 'em feel something.  "If we're making 'em feel something, we're doin' our job."

Is there a song that makes you cry whenever you hear it, but nobody else seems to understand why it gets to you?