BOY!! Binghamton has really been on the T.V. lately! 1st Cake Boss at Baked Euphoria, Then American Pickers and now American Idol!

I'm so proud of these girls... First Kaitlyn Jackson

Credit: Kaitlyn Jackson

Kaitlyn was MY WINNER for The Hawk's Hitmaker Challenge last year and continues to push herself and excel at everything she does! She apparently performed one of her original songs for the judges.. Here's the result:


Next is an always positive kid who performed in another one of my talent shows. You may hear more from her soon here at the hawk as well.... But you'll see her on American Idol as well! Her name is Giannah Cleary.

Credit: Giannah Aubrey Cleary

When I heard this kid pump out Reba McEntire I was astonished with the pipes on this kid! Let's tune in to see how for both of these amazing young people get when being judged by the stars!!

American Idol premieres it's season kick off tonight! I cannot wait to see these two put Binghamton ON THE MAP!