Tim McGraw is coming to the Dick's Sporting Goods Open to perform this Friday night at En-Joie Golf Course.  We need your help on convincing Tim to change his new song "Southern Girl" to "Southern Tier Girl."

Tim says his latest single, is a blend of the past and the present, musically speaking. It's a blend of progress and nostalgia.  He thinks it has a progressive sound but at the same time, it reminds him of something that you might have heard in the 70's.  It marries both of them together nicely.

His lyrics talk about the things that he likes about a Southern Girl.  The lyrics include "Ain't nothing in the whole wide world like a southern girl" and "southern girl rock my world." Here is where we need your help when he plays on Friday night.

When he gets to the lyrics about the "Southern Girl," we want him to sing about the "Southern Tier Girl." I've lived in this area my entire life and I think that the lyrics Tim sings about, also apply to the girls in our area.  So why not sing about it.

Here is how you can help us get the message to Tim by sending him this Tweet:


@TheTimMcGraw- you should change out Southern Girl for Southern Tier Girl just once this Fri. We're the Southern Tier. Crowd'll go crazy!

So tweet and retweet and get ready for a great show on Friday.  See you at the show...Come early and enjoy some fantastic golf by the legends too.