Traci’s True or False Answers

1. Traci graduated college the same year she graduated high school

True: Traci started taking night college courses when she was a freshman in high school and doubled up on her high school classes so she could graduate high school her junior year with a 2 year college degree in English.

2. Traci used to have a dirt collection

True- Traci used to collect dirt samples from each state and from special places- she had dirt from the White House and Buckingham Palace. Her collection was kept in the basement of her house in labeled jars.  One day, her little sister decided to box up the collection and take them to a friend's house to show her.  The friend's mom thought the dirt was...well, dirty and dumped the whole collection.  Traci still hasn't gotten over it.

3. Traci wrote to the Queen of England and received a letter back

True- When Traci was 5 years old she wrote a letter to the Queen of England asking her if she loved Jesus and if she wanted to be friends.  The Queen’s Lady in Waiting wrote back on royal stationary with the royal seal saying the Queen does love Jesus and would like to be friends.

4. If Traci ever has a little girl, she’s going to name her Molly Mildred

False: If Traci ever has a little girl, she’s going to name her Jessie Lee after her grandpa.

5. Traci has considered legally changing her name to her middle name.

True- Traci loves the name Renee, which is her middle name and has considered changing her name legally to her middle name.

 Glenn’s True or False Answers

1.  Glenn’s middle name is E, which is why everyone calls him Glenn E.

False: His middle name is Emerson. Glenn was named after both of his grandfathers.

2.  Glenn almost named his daughter Tara, Anita

False. He’s always loved the name Tara.  And his mother would have killed him if he had named is daughter Anita Pitcher.  Get it?

3. Glenn sold hotdogs from a cart outside of IBM one summer

True- he sold them with his grandma to make a little extra money.

4. Glenn has 5 autographs from Joe Thiesmann

True- and he got all the autographs himself at a parade and Joe was patient with Glenn even though he kept asking over and over for more autographs.

5. Glenn sang Elvira on stage at the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville

True - During the commercial break for the TV show Can You Duet.  Oddly enough, Glenn wasn't asked to be a show participant.  We wonder why...