Unless you're the Wicked Witch of the West, you will not melt in the rain. I promise.

So what if the forecast is iffy until Monday? We're gonna have a blast anyway and these are the top 5 reasons you should go to Cruisin' Pallooza at the Broome County Fairgrounds in Whitney Point even if it rains:

1. You can kiss in the rain- if you haven't you should- it's romantic
2. You can jump in puddles and nobody will care
3. You don't have to do your hair because everyone is gonna have a bad hair day
4. The rain will cool people down so you won't be hanging out with hot, stinky people
5. You can have a wet t-shirt contest with your friends to see who's beer belly sticks out further through their wet t-shirt.

If you're looking for the full Cruisin' Pallooza schedule of events, you'll find it here.

I'll see you at Cruisin' Pallooza!