The last basketball game I went to was over 17 years ago and pathetically, the only thing I really know about basketball is that traveling is not allowed and that double dribbling is a no-no. But just as I was last year, I’m determined to beat Glenn in the Hawk’s Million Dollar Bracket Challenge.

Traci Taylor

Yes, I've got Kansas to win it all. Glenn gave me about a 15 minute earful this morning on why they won't go all the way this year, but listening to him was like being in a Charlie Brown cartoon. All I heard was "waa, waa, waa."  I'm not over thinking this and I'm not changing my picks. That's the fun of being part of a bracket- you never know what could happen.

If you want to get in on our bracket for the chance to win our local grand prize: an exclusive VIP party at Enfield’s in Endwell for 10 people, the chance to win $10,000 if you correctly predict 60 or more games or $1 million if you correctly predict every game in the bracket,  you can do that here.