Well congratulations to Traci and Jay. Today is their 3 month anniversary. The 3rd of many months and eventually years. In their honor, I give you the 5 most baffling, annoying questions that you get asked when you cross the threshold from single to married.

5) Hey, did you know that less than half of these work out right?

4) Why are you worried about exercising/eating right?  The wedding's over, you can let yourself go.

3) He'll make a great first husband. Okay, that's more a statement then a question but it's still said....I'm not sure why.

2) Welcome to the club....Now we can be miserable together. Yes, misery loves company.

and of course the one that's always...always....always asked:

1) So.....when are you having kids??? or Are you pulling the goalie or Did you have to get married, if you know what I mean. This is what I tell people when I'm asked that question about you two. I tell them they had 7 years of purity and they were tried of being pure.

It's a Pandora's box of weird, random and usually ridiculous questions and statements. In all seriousness, Congrats Traci and Jay. I guess here's my question: Jay, does it bother you that I congratulate Traci first and then you?  I know that it bothers some guys when you mention the woman first.